Valentines day Banner

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Valentines day Banner

My mantel is a bit bare still but at least i thought i would make some kind of valentines banner for it!

I think it’s cute with burlap hearts and little floral print flags.

I attached them to a rope (not so sure what this kind of rope is called).

So here is a simple and sweet 15 min project you can do for your valentines decor!

What you need:

Fabric Scraps





Measure your mantel or the place you want to put your banner and double it.

Now with that doubled number you want to cut the rope.

Cut as many burlap hearts that you may need. Freestyle the hearts when you cut it… Little imperfections make it even better


Cut little triangle flags as big as you want.

With the flags and hearts you will cut the ends so you can enter the rope.

this is what it should look like:

now run the rope through them, flag, heart, flag, heart…..

and now you have a pretty valentines day banner!

I hope you enjoyed this simple and sweet tutorial!


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