Striped ruffly skirt refashion tutorial

I am IN LOVE with my new skirt.

For some reason it kinda reminds me a bit of Mary Poppins.. Something i think she would wear.

I found this dress at the thrift store and thought it would be a cute skirt.

Here is the before and after.

(It really was a ugly dress.)

Here is what i did.

I cut out the skirt part of the dress and then i grabbed a skirt i already had and cut around it about 2 inches bigger.

(Make sure you trim closer from the bottom so you can keep that clean sew line that it already has and less work)

With the extra material i Ruffled it up and made it long enough for the skirt Then you turn the ends and sew

right sides pin and sew.

When you turn the ruffles down it should look like this

right sides together you sew along the sides.

Then for the top just fold and sew.

Iron the ruffle down.

Now you have a cute little skirt that only took about 30 mins to make!


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      • Mayya! I am so freakin fllbaousuy 100% in LOVE with your blog, website, sewing, everything! Oh wow I’m so glad you commented on my post! Weird that I never noticed you in Shahrazad’s blogroll. I’ve been her pal for several months now, and even convinced her to have coffee with me when I was up in Muscat in June. I usually check out all the blogs she follows because she has good blog-taste! Anyway, I used to do lots of sewing when I was younger. I was obsessed as a child and a teenager. I had an entire sewing workshop in the house to myself, collected hundreds of pieces of fabric, buttons, zippers, patches, etc. One of the best periods of my life. I used to sew my clothes and make really cool school bags for myself with cool logos on them. I made customized fabric notebook covers for my friends, notepad boards for the kitchen, bags, scarves, hair scrunchies, little pouches, everything! I guess I stopped when I started university because I never had any time. Last summer my aunt brought me ten little pouches of fresh lavender for my closet sewn by an old lady in a tiny village in the South of France. Since then I’ve been looking for inspiration and seeing if I can develop any Omani scent pouches. Searching for Omani plants that I can dry and put in pouches. Maybe Jasmine. Maybe even frankincense! Anyway, I totally love your blog, so I’ll keep following. Best of luck!


    • Thanks Everyone! Makes me happy to hear you are enjoying my tuitroal Lauren This machine cost me $70 AT WALMART and it’s not the best machine but it does the job hope that helps.


  1. Nadia that was nice reading about your cenommt!! I think it was great and nice to sew your own school bag and clothes and even customize your own notebook cover!!!:D:D:D I think that made you unique:D:D:DAunty how cool is that Ma Sha Allah!! I agree with Aunty I think you should take up sewing again and if you have any pictures I want to see please?!!ummm..oh yeah ..Aunty that’s a FABULOUS wristlet you’s just absoloutely cute and gorgoues and am gonna choose some fabrics so that you can make me one and I can use it as a pencil case!!! lol, I know am asking for everything you post but they are cute..what can I do?!!!:D:D


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