Magnetoid magnet Product Review


Magnetoid magnet Product Review

I got a package yesterday and it was my magnets from Magnetoid magnets.

Krissy is the owner of the shop and makes these magnets from her home all by hand! The Quality of these little magnets are amazing! I own a few magnets from her already and i am never disappointed.

She uses a really sturdy magnets and very clear glass.


She also has great packaging that is simple and sweet.

I always get excited when little things comes in boxes makes them more like your opening a present!

I picked these Magnets called ” Flying Machines, Ehepmera

6 are in the set and VERY affordable! Only $11!!!

Thank you Krissy for your amazing work and quality!

Here are my other favorites from  her shop!

Alice in Wonderland

Mustache Cats

If you want more info check out:

Magnetoid Magnets




♥- Tootsie

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  1. Magnetoid Magnets
    February 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm – Reply

    Thank you so much Tootsie for the lovely review! The photos are simply gorgeous! Great job !

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