Lace Socks Tutorial

On this tutorial i have created something really cute, LACE SOCKS. It’s like SEXY underwear for your feet! TRUST me it does make your confidence level boost up wearing these haha. When i wear them around with heels or flats i ALWAYS get at least one person compliment and think they are super cute! Absolutely a  cute accessory for your feet!

I Love the Wal-mart brand GEORGE for the socks. I found that they work the best since they come in  pack of 2 for about $5 and they stay on your feet because it has a heel grip. They also mold to your feet nicely because of being made of 65% cotton, 32% nylon and 3% spandex. On top of that they come with a Hidden ball of foot cushion so they give you that extra comfort if you wear  heels!

The Lace i got at Joanns and you only need 3 scallops of lace for each foot.


Step 1:

Buy your materials. Socks and 2 stripes of 3 scalloped lace


Step 2:
Turn the sock inside out and pin the lace around the edges.



Step 3:
Sew the lace around the rim if the sock .



Step 4:
Trim off the rest of the lace and any thread that is left over.



Step 5:
Flaunt them! ;)




Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and can’t wait to bring more to you!



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  1. What a great idea, I love this! I love the lace detail on clothes, and this is such a cute way to add it! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!


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