Lace Bangle

On Saturday i was at the store and Saw some bangles with lace and was SOOOooooo Pretty.

I do this very often and i think it’s just my crafty or frugal nature but i always look at “HOW” i can remake it. Unless it something hard or I just really like it and I want “THAT” one.

Well here is a case where i saw the bangles and loved it and I CAN MAKE IT.

So here is a store version:

And here is MY version:

Pretty dang close right?

This little project takes about 15 mins to make.

Tutorial time!


Wooden bangle

(I used DIY Bangles. They have GREAT prices!)

1 scrap solid and 1 scrap lace

(long and wide enough for your bangle)

Glue gun and glue sticks



Fold your scrap and place some hot glue on the bangle like this:

Tightly wrap it around and also fold the ends. Fold and glue the fabric in the inside too.

Should like this:

repeat Same Steps with the Lace.

Make sure you do it tight so it looks like this in the end.

And Now you have a lacey bangle knock off that is stylish and cute!

Make some with your daughters or as gifts!

Try black lace, green lace, purple lace…. You can get them at joanns!


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