Are such a funny thing. All my boys look different from each other. One is Latin, One is German and the other is a little American. When my kids grow up no one will know they are blood brothers or that the blonde one speaks Spanish. I really do feel bad for my husband when he goes to the store with just the boys they all looked like he adopted them ha! And yes, They are all from the same dad. My oldest Son Cash has absolutely gotten the Argentine Gene. No doubt about that. He has that perfect Olive skin and those Dark brown eyes…



 Now my son Emmett is a little charmer with those dimples to die for! When he was born is was a 9 Lbs. 06 Oz baby. I surely was not expecting a little white baby with blonde hair after having my first son being so Latin. I remember when he was born all my family that was in the room including my husband just PAUSED for a second because no one was expecting him to look like a american. He takes after my Dad’s Family. My father is a white guy with freckles and really Orange hair with blue piercing eyes. Now that he is 3 years old he looks like my mom and dad made him and used me to deliver this child Ha ha! Oh  how genetics work!




Now he’s the baby. Max is just this really cute baby of your dreams. He sleeps all night, Never fusses, loves playing and loves daddy’s attention. He is the one that actually did take more features of my husband. This baby is a such a little sweat heart that i just love being around this boy. he just has so much love and patience. Best little baby ever! He absolutely is a mix between us.




Genetics are such a interesting thing. It’s amazing how your ancestors line travel down to your children. Makes you want to research genealogy and know the blood line you are from.

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