I always thought of myself that i would someday make a great actress/Model.

My acting skills were really good at one time and I remember that time that i fit in a size 4 pants and had all the confidence in the world.

If i were to be in a movie i would choose the “TITANIC” and would Rose, To wear those dream fancy hats and dresses with the body framing corset, Two men fighting for your love and choosing that piece of hunk of Leo Di’caprio?

And how about that Blue heart necklace!


I think i would enjoy being rose and having that cast as my co workers.

I did DREAM really big but something little happened called “FAMILY” which is a much bigger dream i ever thought i could have and It’s something i would choose over 100 TIMES over any carrier.

Right now It’s not my time and perhaps later on when my children grow up i will move towards that but for now i am happy where i at with my children and my Husband, Which by the way is MUCH more hunkier then any Leo di’caprio…

Now a question:

What movie would YOU be?


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