Bold Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial

One of my Favorite things is Eyeshadow, Sparkly ones, matte ones, bright ones, dark ones and seriously that list can go on.

Today is not like my usual self day Today i felt DARING and wanted to sport a Awesomely Faux hair DO.

I actually am enjoying this DO.

So Ya wanna know how to make your eyeshadow pop?

You need a sparkly light pink, a few drops of water, a concealer brush, a all over brush, a liner brush and mascara.

Add some of the pink powder on the eyeshadow lid and add a couple drop of water to wear its like a mush when you  mix it with your concealer brush.

Apply with the concealer brush over lid and under your eyes.

Then you will Apply some loose pink powder with the all over brush.

Just add some mascara and highlight your brow bone.

The water helps it stay longer and make it more shinier.

Now you have that bold Day look.

Sweet and simple.

(Rosette Earrings found here, Bangle Tutorial Found here)

♥ Tootsie

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