HOW TO: Dramatic cat eye

I love how the Dramatic cat eye looks.Reminds me kinda of the 70’s and also a modern look.

I admire that bold, sharp look.

So here what you need.

Instructions for these bold cat eyes or wings how ever you like to call it.

1) PRIME your lid
2) use a eyeshadow that sparkles, I used Aurora Borealis from All over my eyelid and my brow bone.
3) I used my eyeliner to outline how i want my cat eye. PERFECT cheat.
4) now boldify it with the liquid eyeliner.

That is it…

Don’t forget to add some eye shadow on the bottom lid and eyeliner, oh and mascara too.

Very simple.

It should look like this once your done.

Bold and sharp!

Happy makeup-ing!



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